Saturday, October 9, 2010

Extreme Makeover

Do not adjust your monitor. Cooking With Zest is now Consumed! Rest assured that I still plan to cook with zest under the new moniker, but I thought the new name would do a better job of capturing the topics that I'd like to cover.

While the old URL will still work, you can now get to my blog at Fancy, right? Tell your friends! Or maybe your mom. Or your mom's friends? Or just read for yourself. Whatever you feel comfortable with, really.

Happy cooking/eating!


  1. Dani!! I love the new logo! You are so talented...I'm sure all of Uncle Vin's creative genes went directly to you! Best of luck in your new digs. Love you, Mom (not Dad-I'm just sitting in his seat!)

  2. Thanks everyone!!

    And mom, I knew it was you under Dad's name b/c he would never use all of those exclamation points. :)

  3. I love your new name, logo and the fonts you used (I know I'm a dork that I notice those details, but as I remember you're a detail girl too :))!

  4. Thanks Bekah! The details are the most important part!! :)


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