Saturday, September 18, 2010

Read Me! Like Me!

Too desparate? Duly noted. 

Ever since I discovered the "Stats" section of Blogger, I've become obsessed with fond of looking at how people find my humble blog, where they're from, and which posts are most popular. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked when I saw the range of countries that my blog has reached! Among those listed...

So I want to give an international shout out if any of you are reading — guten tag, bonjour, buenos dias, g'day, ni hao, and privyet friends! And if you got to my page in error and quickly hit the back button, that's cool too (although, Nicaragua, you visited my page 16 times this week, so it doesn't seem like a fluke to me).

Anyway (and this one's for you Kristine!), there's another fun feature in Stats that lets you see the search terms that people typed into Google to find the blog. Now Kristine has posted her very entertaining finds in her recent blog post and has challenged her readers to do the same. However, much to my chagrin (yeah, I said chagrin), mine aren't funny. Anything funny about someone Googling "cruffin recipe"? No. Not so much. Unless you think it's funny that Brad and I thought we made the word cruffin up. Sad trombone.

The only one that's worth mentioning is:

"how to make school meatloaf"

Now, maybe it's been too long since I've been in school, but is the meatloaf so memorable that you'd try to Google the recipe? And is there one singular recipe for all school meatloaf? I have so many questions for this Googler. All I know is that fate brought us together.


  1. Blog stats ARE addictive! Kathy gave me your blog address & I subscribe via Google Reader -- so if you've seen a regular visitor arriving by that route, that's me! I get a lot of hits for my walking blog from Thoreau researchers who google "ambulator nascitur non fit." My blog is the second result! Since you have a world-wide audience, the pressure is on for you to keep writing and posting! I hope you will because I love reading Cooking With Zest. Susan B.

  2. I'm most interested in the difference between "school meatloaf" and plain ol' regular meatloaf. On second thought, it's probably something best left unexplored.

  3. I think "school meatloaf" contains peanut butter and government cheese.

  4. Hi Susan! I read your blog too! I love your photographs even though a lot of them make me squirm (I suppose I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to 6- and 8-legged friends)...but they're fascinating! (For anyone who is curious, here's Susan's blog:

  5. Haha... wait, did you write a post about school meatloaf? Of course, now that you wrote this post, you're "school meatloaf" rank is going to go up. :)

  6. I wrote a post called "Old School Meatloaf" with a recipe that is sooo good (coming from someone who doesn't like meatloaf!)...guess whoever is looking for a crappy "School Meatloaf" recipe is going to be sorely disappointed or pleasantly surprised!


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