Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Restaurant Review: Silk City

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This one's for you, Dad! This past Father's Day, my dad drove down to Philly for a little lunch with his favorite (only) daughter and future son-in-law. We went to Silk City at his request, as he'd heard about it on what he calls "Triple D" — Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Silk City is an eclectic diner-slash-nightclub (and as of this year, it's also a beer garden!). If you turn left upon entering, you're in a bar. Turn right, and you head up the stairs to a gourmet diner! Keep walking through the diner, and you end up in an outdoor beer garden. Somewhat disjointed? Yes. Does it work? Definitely!

The specials menu changes often, and I recommend ordering from it! On Father's Day, my dad ordered a braised pork belly over lentils (pictured on left below). He concluded that it was the "best Father's Day lunch" he's ever had — whatever that means!

We've been several more times since June and had a few more tasty meals! Brad tried fried chicken and cornbread — the cornbread was a-ma-zing! It even came on its own plate resting in a delicious, shallow puddle of warmed honey. More recently we had brunch, and I tried their house-cured gravlox (pictured above on right), which was served with potato rosti (think potato/scallion pancake), an apple raisin salad, cream cheese, and two fried eggs. Oh. My. G. 

I've had the breakfast special several times — it's your basic eggs/toast/potatoes combo but very good. If you get toast with your brunch, be sure to ask for jam/jelly because they make their own and it's great! You just have to know to ask for it! Brad is a big fan of the Philly Cowboy as well as the Farmhouse Sausage & Sawmill Gravy — oh yeah, and the fact that when you order a "side" of bacon, you get a plate of bacon. 

  • The specials menu is constantly changing, so there's always something interesting and new to try.
  • Cheap! I don't think there's much on the menu that's more than $15 — even for dinner.
  • They have home-brewed iced tea, and it's delicious! Their fresh-squeezed OJ is rather lovely too.
  • The diner section is made up of comfy, retro booths. And I love a good booth.
  • Friendly and quick service!
  • They don't open until 10am on weekends. Geez, I sound old.
  • You may have to wait for a booth if you're there for breakfast. Although they also have spots at the counter that may be available.
  • I had a fish special once (something about mahi over a roasted red pepper mash maybe?) that wasn't my favorite.
My verdict is: Go! Try something new/different. But even if you get something that's more traditional, I think you'll still be pleasantly pleased!

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