Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steal Your Face

One of the managers in my department (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) accepted a position in another division of the company. For his special surprise farewell lunch, I wanted to make sugar cookies so we wouldn't have to buy dessert at the restaurant (and so they would have a personal touch of course).

I asked around for some of his favorite things to figure out what shape cookies to make — turns out the guy is a Dead Head. So I used the artwork from the Steal Your Face album as my inspiration.

I baked up dozens of circles using my favorite sugar cookie recipe, and then I sketched out a plan to decorate them. I used four colors — black, white, red, and blue, and piped each color on in stages.

First the outline...

Then the inside of the lightning bolt...

And finally the red and blue...

A few dozen more of these and I had enough to bring into work.

My nameless coworker seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the lunch and enjoyed the cookies!


  1. Awesome!!! They were delicious, too.

  2. love them--could also double for a summer storm party.


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